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Someone who has served their country's military. Some have served their country and received an honorable discharge, some have received a dishonorable discharge. Regardless of their designation of honorable or dishonorable, we are here to Help those women veterans that have served our great nation.




What is a veteran?

When the term "veteran" is mentioned, people naturally tend to think of men veterans. People quickly forget about the women veterans who have also made the sacrifice to serve their country. Women veterans need viable resources to Help them successfully transition into Corporate America and become successful members of their community. For the incarcerated women veterans, they will one day re enter their communities and will be needing support services and resources to Help them  reacclimate back into their communities.

The Help wants to ensure that there are long-term support services in place for our women veterans. The same services we offer that will Help reduce recidivism, will also Help our women with continued growth as productive members of their communities. Our services cover a wide variety of programs options for women veterans.


Women veterans are an underrepresented group and their sacrifices are lost to time. Here at The HelpKC, we find it a privilege and honor to Help those who have served our country therefore, we will not forget nor ignore your struggles. We thank you for your service and we will work hard to support your journey and transition.


Thank You!


Must be 18 and older

Photo ID

Proof of Veteran Status (DD-214, VA ID Card or Letter of Service)


 If you have reached us via our website, please fill out the form below and our WV Services Coordinator will contact you within 24 hours.