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The Help House is an innovative housing solution catering to women from diverse backgrounds who are seeking financial stability and financial security. Our programs include a combination of educational real estate workshops, practical training and support services to help them improve their financial situations and build solid financial foundations. THH’s programs and support services include Housing, Reentry Support, Workforce Services & Support, Real Estate Education, Financial Literacy Education, Case Management, Life & Health Wellness and Community Building.

Real Estate partners will provide a comprehensive homebuyer education course that will help remove the barriers to entry as well as reducing the stress and friction involved in the typical home buying process.

“We not only want to reduce homelessness, but we want to eradicate it for justice-involved women through real estate education!”

Candance J. Wesson

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The Homeownership Rates for Black Americans Is only 44%


Roughly 35% of renters are unable to save money for a down payment to purchase a home.

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