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While living onsite in a newly renovated, fully furnished home-like environment, this will temporarily end homelessness for the program participants while they begin their pathway to stability. During the 24-month program, women will become gainfully employed, work with financial coaches on saving, personal budgeting, credit, and debt education that will help rebuild their financial framework.

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Real Estate partners will provide a comprehensive homebuyer education course providing participants with the information needed that will help them on their homeownership journey. By leveraging the programs offered by THH and services of community partners, The Help House will be able to facilitate whole person wellness-removing the systemic barriers in place for many of these women to be financially, emotionally, physically, socially, and medically well.

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“We not only want to reduce homelessness, but we want to eradicate it for justice-involved women!”

Candance J. Wesson

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Formerly incarcerated people are 10x more likely to be homeless than general public.

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There are roughly 1800 individuals experiencing homelessness in Kansas City.

Women make up approximately 40% of those experiencing homelessness in Kansas City.

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