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Candance J. Wesson is an entrepreneur and the Founder/CEO of a nonprofit organization. She is passionate about criminal legal reform issues particularly as it relates to eliminating and or reducing sentences for non- violent offenders. Her goal is to create a strong support system for women who are reclaiming their citizenship after incarceration; addressing any systemic problems that can lead to recidivism.


 In 2012, Candance founded The Help in Kansas City (The HelpKC), a reentry program exclusively for women. As a formerly justice-involved individual herself, she intimately understands the many challenges and traumatic experiences of being incarcerated and the barriers that affect women who have been touched by the criminal legal system. She has worked with other non-profit organizations, small businesses, the community, faith-based organizations and have become a passionate advocate for second chances for women with criminal convictions.


Candance is the recipient of the 2019 Champion of Justice Award for the work she has done for women in reentry. Previously, she was the Dignity Ambassador of Missouri for Dream.Org previously known as Dream Corps Justice, where her work for #DignityForIncarceratedWomen was signed into Missouri Law July 2021; All Missouri jails and prisons will now provide free quality feminine hygiene products to women who are in custody. She currently serves as a Federal Advisory Council Member for Dream.Org. She also serves on the Governing Board of the Community Safety Partnership (CSP) where the board’s mission is to reduce gun violence in Kansas City.


She is a wife and mother of three children. She enjoys her family time. She loves football, fashion, and home décor.


Candance will continue to advocate for criminal legal reform and equitable access to housing for formerly incarcerated individuals.


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