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The Help KC recognizes that female ex-offenders who are reentering the community after incarceration require support services from the community.

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Our Women Reentry Services include:

Employment Assistance

Access to Workforce Training

Basic Needs

Access to Education Programs

Access to Substance Abuse/Mental Health Services

Resume Assistance

Transportation Assistance

Financial Help for Medical Needs

Women Workshops/Support Group (Returning Soon)

Social Services Referrals


New: Reentry REcall If you are interested in having one of our Reentry Advocates call you once a week for support, please schedule a day and time through our website under scheduling.

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Help understands that over 62% of incarcerated/formerly incarcerated women have children who are 18 and younger and they are the head of their households but a felony conviction reduces their ability to find  adequate employment in order to provide for their households. The Help is consistently searching for employers who are willing to look beyond the conviction of formerly incarcerated women and focus more on their ability to perform the duties of the job. When The Help partners with employers who offer opportunities to the women they serve, it restores hope, it gives them the second chance that they need and they are less likely to recommit a new crime.

Women Empowerment

and Family Reunification

Rebuilding the parent-child bond after incarceration, is a very important component of reentry. The Help hosts quarterly Women Empowerment Sessions to help women rebuild and heal from the separation from their children and discuss any issues they are having with reentry. Additionally, as apart of Family Reunification, The Help gives away tickets to the mother and their children to various games and activities to promote family bonding.

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