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One of the biggest barriers between ex-offenders and successful re-entry; in terms of Employment, is informing a potential employer of a felony conviction. In the labor market, gender differences are yet another issue and for women who have a felony conviction, this difference now makes them “double minorities.” The Help seeks to connect with employers who are willing to look beyond women convictions and focus more on their skill sets and their ability to perform job duties. The longer women with felonies remain unemployed, the greater the risk they will seek income though alternative means.


Benefits of hiring a woman with a felony conviction:

Workforce reentry can help reduce women’s involvement in the criminal justice system

Reduces recidivism

There are tax incentives for employers: Federal Work Opportunity Tax Credit (FWOTC)

Fidelity Bonds: Funded by the federal government to protect employers against employees dishonesty or theft

Saves taxpayer dollars

Neighborhoods becomes safer

Women now have the opportunity to reunite and stay united with family by supporting them financially.

Women are more likely to be extremely grateful and loyal to any employer who gives them a chance.

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Putting Women back to work is a Win-Win for all involved!


“People who break the law need to be held accountable and pay their debt to society. At the same time, the collateral costs of locking up 2.3 million people are piling higher and higher.”

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     ~ Adam Gelb

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