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Our state of the art facility is now open!
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The Help’s mission is to inspire and develop women from diverse backgrounds, including those impacted by unlawful
choices. Our goal is to help women gain financial stability

and success through real estate education and employment,
alongside physical, mental, and social support.

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Our Vision.png

We envision The Help as a growing and sustainable organization where women can develop socially, spiritually,
physically, mentally, and financially. Equipped with the knowledge and skills to navigate the real estate market, they will
build solid foundations for long-term financial success.

Core Values.png

Holistic Approach- Embracing a holistic approach that addresses women’s physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual
well-being as well as their social economic needs.


Empowering women with the tools, skills, and resources

necessary to achieve financial stability.

Collaboration & Partnership.png

Partnership-Collaborating with community organizations,

financial institutions, employers, government agencies, and volunteers to provide comprehensive support and opportunities for women seeking long-term financial success.

The HelpKC is a local nonprofit organization in Kansas City, Missouri, dedicated to helping women from diverse backgrounds, including those impacted by unlawful choices, achieve financial stability and security through education in real estate, providing the resources and support needed for women to build better futures for their long-term financial success.

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